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First edition of Ami, Bencho presented to Governor Boekhoudt.

Ami, Bencho, the fifth and final book in my children's book series written was officially handed over to His Excellency Alfonso Boekhoudt, Governor of Aruba on  Thursday, February 10, 2022. It was an honor to present this first edition to His Excellency during a very inspiring conversation and exchange of ideas on literature and its importance for our community, especially our youth. Below part of the press release of this presentation by the office of the Governor of Aruba.

The first book of the Bencho series came out in 2006 and was entitled 'Bencho ta dual'. This final book in the series brings all of the main character's entanglements and challenges into perspective for the reader. The fictional stories are written in Papiamento and in the last two parts there are also dialogues in Spanish. The story is suitable for both children from 8 years and adults to read.

Mrs. Buckley has worked for many years in education in Aruba. She has also written several children's books and poems. You can read more about Ms Buckley's background and work on the website

Photos © Cabinet Governor Aruba

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