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Ambassador of Pleasure of Reading

I’m a passionate reader! I read every single day, both adults and children’s literature. Upon finishing a book I feel restless and can’t let go of the story and its characters. I let the story marinate in my mind for a while.

What adds to the joy of this experience is being able to share it with others who have read the same book. Looking at the story from different angles and giving our own interpretations provide for great, animated conversations with like-minded people.


My mission is to let children experience reading as something joyful, not as a task. This is something I actively do both in my work for the Bon Nochi Drumi Dushi project and have always done in my years as a school teacher. I noticed that by having a conversation with kids about what I had just read to them helped them internalize the topics, themes and events of the story and make the stories feel much closer to home.














I’m convinced that this process helps children understand the world around them better as well as stimulate their creative and associative abilities. 

I don’t have anything against other mediums of storytelling, on the contrary, behind every movie or video game there is a story, a narrative. A child that understands what lies at the core of a game or a film isn’t just a spectator.

The benefit of reading is that the children are allowed a space where they get to decide and create its own visuals during the process of reading, whereas in audiovisual productions this is already set in stone and the children become mere spectators.


I consider myself an ambassador of the pleasure of reading. I do my best to communicate the joy that reading brings to children, youth and adults. Be it in school, the Bon Nochi Drumi Dushi project or during workshops and presentations in general, I proclaim tirelessly: reading is a pleasure, not a task.

"Reading is a pleasure, not a task"

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