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The Pleasure of Reading Inspires to Read

Being a teacher for more than 4 decades has allowed me to witness firsthand how adults influence the children’s reading experience.


Books, and reading itself, are often associated with school assignments. In the school environment there isn't much space to consider the child’s reading experience.


Moreover, children nowadays have the influence of technology. More and more often information about technology links excessive screen time with behavioral issues in children. Lack of concentration, short attention span and erratic sleep pattern are only a few mentioned.


Reading to young children at random hours or before bedtime provides a moment of focused attention and personal connection with them. Whether they are read to or are able to read independently, they experience a moment of tranquility.

Reading stimulates creativity and language skills and also the auditive ability of babies and toddlers.

Reading also supports children in their academic development as it prompts their associative and interpretative skills. 

I consider these very important aspects in the child’s personal development.


Involving kids in the process of choosing a book based on their preference and discussing the story afterwards allow them to take ownership of the pleasure they experience with reading. 

It will encourage them to see books and reading as fun and/or rewarding and as an alternative to technology-based entertainment, and encourage them to grab a book when they want a moment for themselves.


Children mimic behavior they see at home. Parents who read set the example that reading is something done for relaxation and enjoyment.

It helps not to connect reading with school duties, which are often approached with frustration or reserve.


Talking to children about what they have read allows them to understand their experiences and their interests. It also provides an opportunity to discuss subjects they might find difficult to address directly, but easier to talk about through the stories they read.

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