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Flag and Anthem campaign Caribbean Mercantile Bank NV.


When I was asked by Caribbean Mercantile Bank if I would recite a poem from my work in connection with our Flag and Anthem day I felt inspired to write a different kind of poem.

The celebration of our national day made me reflect on what Aruba represents to me. As daughter of immigrants, born and raised on an island with more then 90 nationalities, one aspect stood out; we may geographically be a modest rock in the Caribbean Sea, as a country we have welcomed people from all directions of the wind.  

In my poem Aruba is personified as welcoming host, to all those who have arrived from distant shores. They are invited in, encouraged to feel at home. It is the fabric which makes up the hospitality, harmony and resilience of our people.

Videos and pictures courtesy of Caribbean Mercantile Bank NV and JDB Agency.

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