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It has become customary in recent years on the

island that on March 8th, International Women's Day,

big events are organized.

They are well attended by a vast audience of women

and primarily hosted at hotel conference rooms.

It is a day filled with extensive programs consisting of

empowering lectures by leading local and international

women reflecting on all that has been accomplished by

and for women.

Due to pandemic related restrictions in 2021 organizing

big events as such wasn't possible. 
Centro pa Desaroyo di Hende Muhe, CEDEHM opted

for a smaller scaled event held at Cas di Cultura.

Perhaps due to the smaller group in attendance, this year's

event boasted a more intimate yet not less impactful setting. 

The program consisted of local women, speaking very personally and directly about their growth; the challenges they met on their journey and the satisfaction and fulfillment of  their accomplishments. What resonated most was the collective drive to share empowerment with fellow women present.

My poem Ami is an ode to all women for their strength, resilience, determination, pride, loyalty and love.
It is for  women like the ones I got to meet, whom without listening to their stories before,

I knew were out there somwhere, inspiring me to write this poem.

CEDEHM resorts under the Department of Social Affairs. Their core objective is to empower women to stand up for themselves by providing them with tools to develop their possibilities and to open their scope to new horizons.

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International Women's Day

Click on image to download poem 

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