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A Few of my Favourite Books

Choosing favourite books is always a challenge. Every book I read is food for thought, whether it is because I enjoy the story, the writing style, topic or theme or that it makes me reflect on technical aspects of storytelling whenever the book fails to captivate me.
I have noticed that I keep going back to books about the Holocaust survivors. Stories about their resilience and survival always fascinate me.


One of the perks of being multilingual is that I am able to read in different languages, I read books in Dutch, English, Spanish, French and Papiamento. 

I have read many books by Isabell Allende, Haruki Murakami and Isiguro. I was deeply moved by Park Yeon-Mi's story in "In order to live".


I also enjoy reading children’s literature. To me Roald Dahl stands out in this category, not only because of his storybooks but also because of his brilliant poetry aimed at this group. Several cleverly written works by Dutch authors such as Lydia Rood, Paul van Loon, Guus Kuijer and Carry Slee are also among my favorites.

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