Bencho Series

The Bencho series is the adventurous Bencho’s coming of age story. He lives with his grandmother Ma Chia who looks after Bencho. He doesn't know who his parents are and as he grows older he grows more inquisitive about his origins. The books take us with Bencho through gains, goodbyes, discoveries and losses on a tumultuous journey of self discovery.

Bencho Ta Dual

Bencho is an eight-year old boy who lives with his grandmother, Ma Chia. He doesn’t know his parents and there is not a single trace of them in Ma Chia’s house. Bencho spends a lot of time with his best friend Micho and his dog Nero. One day they decide to go on a walk in the wilderness to look for a map that will take them on a treasure hunt. The sun burns on their heads and Bencho gets upset at Micho for slowing them down. He continues his walk alone until the sun gets to him too. He decides to take a small nap at the trunk of a big shadowy tree. Suddenly he falls into a big hole and adventures never imagined. He finds himself being held accountable for bad mistreating animals and even asking for forgiveness to a ghost!

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Bencho Ta Gana un Bais

Bencho is now 10 years old and on the 5th grade. With the little money she has Ma Chia tries what she can to make sure Bencho has stability at home. One day while preparing food for Nero the dog she trips over his tail and falls to the ground. With Ma Chia in hospital, Bencho decides he can take care of himself and doesn’t need anyone to come babysit him. This is obviously easier said than done. He sees a nice shiny bike being raffled at the supermarket and he becomes obsessed with winning it. He goes out of his way to make this happen, but little does he know that happiness and sadness sometimes travel together.

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Bencho Ta Rebeldia

Bencho is 13 and already in high school. After Ma Chia’s funeral people around him start to notice that things are changing in Bencho’s life. Girls start noticing him, but Bencho doesn’t seem to care. He worries heavily about many things. School starts between his life and a pesky social worker is getting on his nerves. Soon enough he starts skipping school and hiding from Ma Chia’s friend Shon Chela.
Things get even more dire when he runs out of money. Suddenly he finds himself hiding from everyone, including social services. He spends some time on the street, befriends a fisherman from Venezuela who, unbeknown to him, offers him a golden ticket.

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Bencho y e Gran Crusada

Bencho is 15 going on 16 and he has had it with all adults trying to control his life. He turns his friendship with a Venezuelan fisherman into a much needed one way ticket out of the suffocating existence his life has become. Little does he know that at the other side of the waters an even bigger chaos awaits him.

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